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Share Experience To Play Football Score Betting

What is Football Score Betting? Football score betting is a type of wagering with a very simple and easy-to-understand gameplay. However, winning and earning rewards from this type of betting is not necessarily straightforward. In this article, Wintips will share some extremely useful super betting tips with you.

What is football score betting?

Football score betting is understood simply by its name. It is the odds expressed by numbers on the betting odds statistics provided by bookmakers.

Players who want to bet on the score of a football match must accurately predict the score of that match. Predicting the football score depends on many factors such as the team's playing form, the history of encounters between the two teams, the lineup, etc.

For each specific match, bookmakers will rely on the form of the players and the teams to provide different assessments of the odds for players to bet on. Each bookmaker will have different odds, but there won't be too much difference.

Types of football score betting at bookmakers

At online bookmakers, there are usually three types of football score betting for players to choose from: Asian Handicap, 1x2, and Over/Under. Each type has its own distinctive features.

Asian Handicap (Handicap Betting): This type of bet is often chosen by many Asian players. This type of bet has many handicap odds, making it easy to determine the winning bet.

1x2 (Win-Draw-Win Betting): Playing this type of bet relies on the final result of the match, whether it's a win, draw, or loss, to determine whether the bet wins or loses.

Over/Under Betting: This type of bet only requires predicting whether the total number of goals scored in the match will be higher or lower than the benchmark set by the bookmaker, without caring about who wins or loses the match.

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Experience in accurately predicting today's match scores

Below are the experiences of accurate score betting shared by experienced players to the readers.

Bet on major tournaments

The first piece of advice that experts want to share with you is to choose matches in major tournaments for betting. You should opt for major tournaments because teams here are evenly matched in terms of strength. Moreover, due to the large scale of these tournaments, match-fixing is less likely to occur. You should choose major tournaments such as: Premier League, World Cup, Champions League, etc.

Select matches with evenly matched odds

Choose matches where both teams have similar forms. With this selection method, you will find it easier to search for betting odds and predict match results more easily.

Practice predicting match scores

You need to continuously study related knowledge about matches and ongoing tournaments. Develop your ability to predict scores and carefully consider whether your predictions are accurate. Making observations about football matches will also provide you with valuable experience.

Refer to predictions from experts

Not everyone has the experience to analyze a football match and predict its outcome. That's why bookmakers often provide a channel of specialized information for football betting predictions and accurate score analysis for bettors to refer to.

Choose advantageous score bets

Bookmakers often provide players with a table of betting odds statistics. Therefore, you should consider explanations about the betting odds statistics before placing bets. Based on those experiences, you can select the most suitable betting odds for yourself. For example: If the form of the team favored in the odds is unstable while the form of the underdog team is better, then choose the Asian Handicap or handicap half a goal.

Calculate the probability of winning score odds

When placing bets, you need to predict the winning and losing teams and the score to calculate the probability of winning in each match.

After 90 minutes of play, if the favored team only scores 1 goal, the winning rate at this time is 33%. The winning rate for underdog teams that do not score any goals is 37%.

At this point, the probability of a 1-0 win for the stronger team is calculated as follows: 33% x 37% = 12% or in decimal form, 1/8. Therefore, there is at least 1 match that will end with a 1-0 scoreline in every 8 encounters between the two teams.


So, the information daily betting tips app about online score betting that you need to know has been specifically explained in the article above. This is the most interesting form of betting that brings the highest rewards. Wintips wishes you enjoyable betting experiences.


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