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Albert Corokin
Albert Corokin

As a client interested in creating a professional website using the WordPress platform, I want to share my thoughts on the cost of the process. I recently turned to an article on GetDevDone to better understand what influences WordPress website cost. First of all, it is important to note that the cost of creating a WordPress website varies depending on many factors. One of the key points is choosing between a template and a custom design. Templates are certainly cheaper and faster to implement, but if you want something unique, then a custom design is a better choice, albeit more expensive. Another important aspect is the functionality of the site. Simple business card websites will cost less than complex online stores or platforms with integration of third-party services. It's also worth considering the costs of plugins, which may add additional functionality to your site but will increase the overall cost. You also need to think about hosting and domain name. These fixed costs may vary depending on your needs for speed, security and reliability. Good hosting is the key to stable operation of a website, which is especially important for business.


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