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March 30: Las Vegas (Amazon's Prime Video PPV)

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Title fight: Tim Tszyu vs. Sebastian Fundora

12 rounds, for Tszyu's WBO junior middleweight title and the vacant WBC junior middleweight title

Enjoy Live Boxing Fight Now

Enjoy Live Boxing Fight Now


In the electrifying world of boxing, a highly anticipated showdown is about to take place, pitting two formidable warriors against each other for a chance at glory. On March 30th, in the bustling city of Las Vegas, Tim Tszyu and Sebastian Fundora will step into the ring, each aiming to secure not just the WBO junior middleweight title held by Tszyu, but also to claim the vacant WBC junior middleweight title. For fans eager to catch every moment of this intense battle, figuring out how to watch the live stream is crucial. This post is your go-to guide for everything from the fighters' backgrounds and what's at stake, to how you can catch all the action live.

 Enjoy Live Boxing Fight Now

How to Watch the Live Stream

The tactical battle between Tszyu's power and precision and Fundora's height and agility will be

critical in deciding the outcome of the fight. Tszyu's strategy to close the gap and land impactful

punches against the taller Fundora will be essential for his success. Conversely, Fundora will aim to

utilize his significant reach advantage to keep Tszyu at a distance, leveraging his ability to deliver

strikes from afar. The stamina and physical conditioning of both fighters will also be under scrutiny,

as the bout is set to last for 12 rounds. Maintaining strength, speed, and tactical awareness

throughout the match will be vital for both contenders. How each fighter adapts to the other's style

and manages the pace of the fight will likely tip the scales in this highly anticipated matchup


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